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The Home Rebuilding Project has now been completed.

See the reconstruction via this Tabblo link:


To rebuild Khun Daeng’s house in Klong Toey, a home now infested by termites and at risk of collapse.

The cost of rebuilding the home is approximately Baht 220,000 (A$7,000). The Presentation Slums Mission Bangkok (Sister Joan Evans) is assisting in raising funds to enable this worthwhile project to proceed.


House No. 4/111 Moo 4 Lock 6, Artnarong Rd., Klong Toey, Bangkok.


Nang Daeng, the mother, shares the home with her son Nai Aart (20 years) and daughter Nang Sau Nuun (18 years). Both children are full time students.

Until last year, Khun Daeng worked and supported her family even though she suffers from high blood pressure and sugar diabetes. Last year, she suffered from a heart condition and continues to receive medical treatment at the Police Hospital.


In August 1992 (B.E. 2535), a fire swept through the Lock 6 slum area. Almost all the houses were destroyed, including Khun Daeng’s home. By January/February 2003, the home had been rebuilt to provide two levels of basic accommodation.

The ground floor comprises one room with a toilet in the back left-hand corner and an open bathing area to the right. The upper floor comprises one room with a set of steep steps leading to it. The house is made from timber (including the floors) and zinc roof sheeting. Some of the home’s supports are the trunks of eucalypt saplings.

Khun Daeng’s daughter used to sleep in the upstairs room. However, it is no longer safe so the family of three sleep in the downstairs living area.

In 2002 (B.E. 2525), a water meter was installed in the home. Until that time, Khun Daeng needed to buy water from her neighbour!

In 2003 (B.E. 2546), the toilet and bathing area were rebuilt at a cost of Baht 7,000. Since then, the termites have eaten into the “new” timber and it also now requires complete replacement.


The project involves rebuilding the home to provide a similar downstairs area of one living area with toilet and bathing area at the back of the room and to divide the upstairs area into two rooms providing personal space for Khun Daeng’s son and daughter.

The home will be rebuilt with concrete and tiled floors and concrete supports. The external walls will be constructed of rendered concrete and the roof constructed of zinc sheeting. The use of these materials should reduce the risk of future termite infestation.

An electricity pole outside the home also needs stabilising. Attached to this pole are 12 electricity meters providing electricity to the neighbouring homes. If the pole were to fall, there would be serious consequences from fallen electricity lines and a real risk of fire.


The estimate cost of rebuilding the home is Baht 220,000 (A$7,000).

Your contribution towards the rebuilding cost is now sought so that this project can proceed.


For further information about contributing to Sister Joan’s work in the Klong Toey slum communities, please contact:

Sister Joan Evans PBVM

Phone/Fax: +66 (0) 2 671 4751



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