Helping the youth in the slums of Bangkok today, to help themselves tomorrow...

Sister Joan PBVM

The Education Project supplies children and young adults from Klong Toey and other slum communities in Bangkok with school uniforms, shoes, socks and bag. Belts are also provided where needed. Sister Joan also assists a number of students with school fees and books. In recent years, the Education Project has assisted between 400 - 600 students each year.

Assistance is provided to underprivileged students between the ages of 3 (starting pre-school) and 22 (attending university). Some students need just a pair of shoes while others require much more assistance, including payment of school fees. The majority of students assisted through the Education Project are at primary or lower secondary school level.

On average, it costs less than A$150 (approx. 4,600 Baht) per year to help one of the students.

It can cost as little as A$26 (approx. 800 Baht) for two school uniforms, shoes, socks and bag. Sometimes, this is the only thing preventing these children and young adults from obtaining an education.

The Education Project provides an opportunity for children and young adults from Klong Toey and other slum communities in Bangkok to receive an education which is vital if they are to ultimately break out of the poverty cycle.

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Sister Joan PBVM

"I buy uniforms, books, pay lunch money, pay whatever they need to stay in school."
Sister Joan, Slum Sister, The Nation, 6th December 2001.

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