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Sister Joan’s annual Education Project benefits children and young adults in Klong Toey and other slum communities in Bangkok who come from a financially disadvantaged background, providing the ability for them to attend school or university. Without this assistance, it is unlikely they would be able to gain an education.

The beneficiaries of the Education Project are Thai students between the ages of 3 (starting pre-school) and 22 (attending university) who reside in Klong Toey and other slum communities in Bangkok. The majority of the students assisted through the Education Project are at primary or lower secondary school.

The 2007 Education Project conducted in April and May this year provided school uniforms, shoes, socks and bags for 602 underprivileged Thai students at an average cost per student of Baht 685 (approx A$24). This excludes some late students who also received assistance.

Special thanks to:

  • DFAT and the Australian Embassy in Bangkok who donated 100,000 baht from their Discretionary Fund towards this year's Education Project.
  • The Australian-New Zealand Women's Group (ANZWG) who also donated 100,000 baht.

The remaining funds for this year's Education Project were provided by donations from supporters of Sister Joan's Presentation Slums Mission Bangkok.


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School shoe fitting

Purchasing school uniforms

School uniform fitting

Sister Joan records details of
school uniform purchases

Purchasing school shoes, socks and bags

School shoe fitting

Clothing shop, Klong Toey market

Sister Joan with the shoe shop
owner and two volunteers from the Thai community

“Thank you Sister"

For more photos of the 2007 Education Project, see the Education Project Tabblo

Tabblo: 2007 Education Project - Uniforms
Tabblo: 2007 Education Project - Shoes and Bags

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